A new neighbourhood has arrived...

 Welcome to Tiny Town Vaughan!

Welcome to Tiny Town Vaughan! We are officially open!

Yes, an indoor playground for kids, but we are so much more than just that.  

Tiny Town Vaughan is so unique and so much fun! With the freedom to use their imagination as a Doctor, Pilot, Hair Stylist,Pizza Store Owner (a few examples) children's activities are limitless.  Who wouldn't want to have a birthday party here or drop in for a few hours of imaginative play?

Pretend and purposeful-play is something we are passionate about and strongly value because we recognize this type of play is so critical in all elements of our children's development. 

We have many options for Party Packages, Drop In and Play Days, School Trips and Parent & Tot Groups.  

Visit and have your child experience the kind of fun kids are having in our neighbourhood.

Drop in to explore our town or call 905-850-2850 for inquiries and further information!